Journal of Water and Environmental Challenges is an esteemed platform dedicated to advancing knowledge, fostering innovation, and addressing contemporary challenges in the domains of water resources management, environmental engineering, and geo-environmental sciences. Our journal encompasses a comprehensive array of research areas, including but not limited to:

Water Resources Management:

Sustainable water resource planning and allocation

Integrated water resources management

Climate change and its impact on water resources

Watershed management and modeling

Water governance and policy analysis

Environmental Engineering:

Advanced water and wastewater treatment technologies

Innovative solutions for water quality enhancement

Stormwater management and urban drainage systems

Environmental impact assessment and mitigation strategies

Sustainable infrastructure design and development

Geo-Environmental Perspectives:

Geo-hydrological modeling and analysis

Groundwater contamination and remediation techniques

Soil pollution assessment and remediation strategies

Geospatial analysis in environmental studies

Land-use planning and environmental conservation

Contaminant Transport:

Modeling and simulation of contaminant transport in various media

Fate and transport of emerging contaminants

Transport of pollutants in aquatic systems

Transport of contaminants in soil and subsurface environments

Hydrology and Hydraulics:

Hydrological modeling and forecasting

Flood risk assessment and management

River and coastal hydraulics

Hydraulic structures and their performance analysis

Irrigation and Drainage:

Irrigation system design and optimization

Drainage system planning and management

Irrigation and drainage in agriculture

Sustainable water use in irrigation practices

Environmental Management:

Environmental policy analysis and development

Environmental impact assessments and sustainability evaluations

Environmental risk assessment and management

Eco-friendly and sustainable practices in water and environmental management

Our journal is committed to facilitating the exchange of cutting-edge research and the dissemination of transformative solutions that address the intricate challenges faced by professionals and scholars in the dynamic fields of water resources management, environmental engineering, and geo-environmental sciences.